The Company was incorporated on 21st October, 1980 in the name of Faridabad Vidyut Limited Company and obtained the certificate of commencement of business on 15th November, 1980. Further, the company changed its name from “Faridabad Vidyut Limited” to “Quest Financial Services Ltd.” and obtained the fresh certificate of incorporation consequent on change of name on 6th March, 1991. It was promoted by Mr. Shyam Sundar Bhartia and others.
The Company’s Shares are listed in the Calcutta Stock Exchange Association Limited and Bombay Stock Exchange Limited. The Company is a Non-Banking Financial Institution not accepting Public Deposit and is registered with the Reserve Bank of India.

At present Mr. Bijay Kumar Agarwal is the Chairman of the Company and Mr. Prakash Kumar Jajodia is the Managing Director and the Board of Directors constitute of six Directors.

The overall management of the Company managed by the Executive Director under the overall supervision, control and guidance of the Board of Directors.