Business Profile

Financing :
The company is primarily engaged in the business of providing hypothecation of vehicle, equipment, and machinery also provide loan. The Company is also providing lease Syndication services by referring clients to other companies thereby earning professional charges for the same. Kwality Credit is a also the player in the commercial vehicle and car finance segments.

Investments in Shares & Securities :
The Company is primarily engaged in the business of dealing in shares / stock / bonds / debentures / securities issued by the listed , non listed companies, government or local authorities etc. or other securities of like marketable nature.

Advisory Service :
With world staring at abundance of opportunities in the whole advisory services sector, we thought it would be indeed a great business move to enter in this space. It’s our urge to aid clients on viable investments and projects and generating return from the same. Our aim is to manage your assets and not only play our part in wealth creation but also look for a holistic and futuristic growth as a sector.